Friday, February 5, 2010

And You Thought The Cupcake Craze Was Over

Yes, I went back. Are you surprised? My previous post about Let Them Eat Cake was certainly not my last.

Let Them Eat Cake
423 L Street - Suite B
Davis, CA 95616

Amy-Winehouse: "Boozy orange cake with a beehive of dark chocolate-orange buttercream." Chocolate and orange! So delicious. This wasn't the best flavor I've had from there, but it was tasty. Seriously Aggies, go check this place out!


  1. That is one gorgeous cupcake... and the name is perfect!!!

  2. This looks so decadent and delicious-I'd say that's the perfect amount of buttercream to have on a cupcake ;) And orange and chocolate is the perfect combination!

  3. I saw your picture on Photograzing at Serious Eats and thought, isn't that a flavor at Let Them Eat Cake? I love that bakery. It's a small world, didn't think I'd see a cupcake from Davis on Serious Eats!

  4. @Stephanie: It is great to see another foodie in Davis! I've been following noble pig for quite some time and was disappointed when she moved out of here, so it's great to see there is someone else still around. It definitely is a small world. Happy Blogging!