Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tea Time

My roommate, Caitlin, and I have been wanting to try the new tea room in Davis--Tea List--so we finally did, last week. It was a beautiful day so we spent our lunch hour sitting outside on Tea List's patio, sipping tea and enjoying a good meal.

(I apologize for the low quality of the photos. There was a lot of shade from the leaves of the trees on the patio that made the lighting very splotchy and as a result, the pictures didn't turn out to well.)

Tea List
222 D Street #3
Davis, CA 95616

Apricot Peach Black Tea Cup $3.25 Pot $5
Caitlin and I were in the mood for a black tea, but also for something that would be refreshing and have a touch of something fruity. This was perfect. The tea was served to us with an hour glass so we would know when to stop steeping the tea leaves.

Chicken Salad Sandwich with Walnuts and Grapes $6.95
I'm very picky about chicken salad but I really liked this one. It was very light and refreshing while still being very flavorful. I usually prefer chicken salad without grapes but they really worked well with the spices in this one.

Side Salad 
That came with the sandwich and had mango, strawberries and a house, balsamic dressing. Simple and delicious.

I am embarrassed to say, but Caitlin and I cannot figure out what our dessert was! At the time, I had a hard time understanding what our waitress said was in the cake, but I can't remember anything about it now except that it was delicious--very moist and the perfect end to the meal. So if you go to Tea List and you see something that looks like this, go for it!

I really enjoyed Tea List and Caitlin and I are planning on going back sometime soon for tea service. Keep an eye out for that post!

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