Saturday, April 24, 2010

Market Finds

The Davis Farmer's Market was recently voted America's Favorite Farmer's Market, and for good reason! The Farmer's Market is definitely one of my favorite parts about Davis. It's a fairly large market, with fresh produce from many different local farms, along with seafood, meat, flowers, olive oil, honey, jams, tortillas, cheeses, wine, baked goods, ice cream, popsicles, prepared sandwiches, hot dogs, indian, mexican and middle eastern name it! I'm so happy that the weather is getting nicer out so that it's easier for me to get out to the farmer's market and then once I'm done shopping, I can lay out in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather. Here are today's finds from Farmer's.

Davis Farmer's Market
Central Park at 4th and C
Saturday 8AM-1PM (Year-Round)
Wednesday 4:30-8:30PM (Spring-Summer)

Strawberries $3 per basket
The woman at this booth added another half of a basket into my paper bag, free-of-charge!

Artichokes $1 for 2 medium sized artichokes
I am so excited to try a recipe with these. I've never made artichokes on my own before.

Asparagus $3.50 for a bunch of thin asparagus
I really prefer the thin asparagus. I'm always afraid that the thicker stalks will be too stringy--yuck.

Scallops $7 (even though the tub says $7.50) for about 7 medium sized scallops
I've been craving scallops for weeks. I really hope these turn out well!

Dark Chocolate with Espresso Beans $2 for a bar
I could NOT resist these chocolate bars. Plus, the stand is run by 7 young girls and all of their profits go to children and environmental charities!

Walnut Bread $3.75 for a loaf
This is one of my favorite loaves of bread that I've found in Davis. Fat Face uses this bread for their grilled cheese.

Cheese curds $5 per tub
I LOVE cheese curds and haven't had them forever. I think they make for the perfect snack food. This place also had ricotta that I was tempted to get, but I didn't know what I wanted to make with it. I'll get it another time.

Eggs $2.50 (I think? Maybe $3.50?) for 6 large (two-yolked) eggs
I'm usually a bit low in iron so I try to eat eggs on a regular basis. Two-yolked eggs should help with that too because the yolks have a lot of iron (and cholesterol, so don't go over board!)

Kiwi $3 per pound kiwi
Mmm, I think kiwi is one of the best fruits to snack on. I usually eat it with the skin on because I like the tartness that it adds and I don't mind the "fuzz". Also, most of the nutrients are in the skin.

If you have a farmer's market close by you, go check it out! They have great finds and food tastes so much better when you get it fresh from the farm/orchard.


  1. were the scallops previously frozen? or fresh?

  2. What a wonderful day at the market...jealous!!!

  3. They were fresh, Christina. All of the fish that this guy sells is freshly caught the day before. It's delicious and rare to find so far from the coast!