Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Saturday Morning Cuppa Coffee

Now that I work at a coffee shop, I've sadly become more addicted to really is sad. But delicious at the same time! And at least a great supply of delicious coffee comes with it. However, if I'm going to be running the closing shift and then going home to continue reading for school, I just simply need some artificial liveliness running through my system. It's gotten to the point where all I need for motivation to wake up on Saturday mornings is that beautiful cup of coffee that I know is waiting for me at the farmer's market.

Pachamama Coffee Co-op
At the Davis Farmer's Market

Pachamama is collectively owned by it's 140,000 farmers who ship their beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Peru--improving the lives of small scale farmers and giving us delicious coffee.

Somehow, this beautiful cup of coffee has some sort of magical power over me to get me out of bed even on cold January mornings and to bike my butt over to farmer's. And I'm not even a morning coffee person let alone a morning person! I first had it a few weeks ago and I was shocked that I had never noticed how awesome this stand was before because really what is so unique about their coffee is that they brew it individually for you as you order. They have this beautiful wooden coffee drip bar where the filters fit snuggly in ceramic holders and your cup sits underneath. As you order, they pour your grinds into the filter, place a cup underneath and pour some boiling water right in. With a few stirs of the grinds, you have your personal cup of coffee ready in minutes.

I think half of the magic of my Saturday morning coffee is watching the process of my coffee being made and then after a few minutes of watching and waiting, finally having that cup in your hand. But the other half is certainly the taste. They usually serve their breakfast blend at farmer's and it's almost like a chocolate. After the coffee cools down a bit (rather quickly because it's so cold outside), I can taste more and more undertones of cacao. This blend is so smooth and so delicious that I refuse to add anything to it. Yes, I am a black coffee drinker now. Gasp all you like. So I sit with my breakfast sandwich from Fat Face and my wonderful cuppa coffee and I watch through the winter fog at all the hustle and bustle of the market. No wonder it gets me out of bed in the beautiful is that image?

Side note: Last Sunday, the woman who served me my cup of coffee on Saturday came into the place I work and I was able to repay her with a cup of our roast.


  1. It is very very enlightened that these folks are doing this, getting high quality beans, presumably roasting those beans to a mellow, not scorched, level, and then brewing like this, brewing each cup for YOU. I can tell by the color that the roast is excellent, not burned beans. I can also tell by the lingering frothiness that the beans were roasted very recently. Fresh is best. You have certainly found a great motivator for getting up and out early on a Saturday morning.

  2. @Jim-To my barely trained senses, they definitely have high quality beans, roasted well. I'm so glad I have this in Davis so I have have a bit of variety from the place I work.

  3. I think your senses are well beyond barely trained. As a person who enjoys food you are focused on sight, aroma, flavor. For me, with coffee, I want rich but not harsh. I want taste that lingers. I want complexity such as wine-like flavors, chocolaty flavors, etc. I am sure that you, too, are detecting differences in different coffee from different sources. So, I propose that you give these folks the full benefit of the Brittany Vock Seal of Approval.

  4. @Jim-Haha well thanks. I definitely can tell when coffee is sub par and I do enjoy discovering new beans/roasts that I enjoy. I think it's the chocolate flavor that actually makes me jump out of bed on saturdays.