Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Explanation For The Disaster That Is May

Okay, I feel pretty bad about the lack of posts this month, so let me give all of my explanations as to why my blogging has been an absolute failure this month.

1. For some reason, I am taking 19 units this quarter, the most I have ever taken, AND all of my classes seem to like to give me a billion things to do every week so I have like no time to cook anything more than a basic pasta or stir fry, let alone write a blog.
2. I was sick for 2 weeks (and had a cooking accident that involved polenta and a second degree burn on my wrist that took 2 weeks to heal and in the meanwhile, I was wrapping it every day) which put me behind on my school work and as a result, on my baking and blogging.
3. Last weekend, my camera broke, so even though things have slowed down (relatively so), I cannot take pictures of my food (like the crepes Caitlin and I made last night and this morning). Why not write the blogs without the pictures? I cannot stand food blogs that don't have pictures. I've a very visual person. (If you are too, check out Food Porn Daily.)

I really miss blogging and hopefully I will have a camera again soon and then I can get back into it. In the meanwhile, I'll keep cooking and wishing that I could share it with you all.

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